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What Our Clients Say!

Monark Branding helped me with my logo and website for me e-commerce business.

Entela is very creative and talented person. I highly recommend Monark Branding.

Elvis L. E-Commerce Owner

Monark Branding was kind enough to offer and analyze my website and social profiles and had ver thoughtful insights on how I can better optimize my site and social media accounts.
I will absolutely work Monark in the near future.

Elona L. Business Coach

I would recommend Monark Branding to any small business looking to establish brand recognition, increase social media presence and gain overall exposure. They do a great job understanding your business and devising a marketing plan that is unique to that business.

Irida T. Business Owner

Entela is a professional and highly effective. More importantly she is absolutely great to work with.

As an entrepreneur I feel she treats my company and brand as if it were her own.

It's not just a task or job it's full immersion on her part.

I started with having a total rebrand and redesigned website based on the experience have turned all brand management and marketing over to her.

Jason P. Businessman

Before I met Entela I created context on my own. It took many hours and never right or professional. I would google apps like free logo and flyer maker. Entela has created me a new logo including an animated logo. She has also created numerous flyers and brochures for me. Her work is beautiful and makes my business pop. I have saved so much time that I can focus on other parts of my business. She has really built up my brand. When potential customer see the material that she has created for me and then I reach them later on

Ryan G. Businessman

I was one of those business owners that was truly all over the place, and doing sporadic marketing here and there.

I then, partnered with Monark Branding and re-organized my marketing from the beginning.

Entela truly listens to my ideas and on my god does she have ideas of her own.

It's never a dull moment when we are strategizing for the future.

Julie D. Business Owner